Thank you for completing the screening tool for dissociation, the SDQ-20 (Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire). This is the second of two tools which, used in conjunction, help to screen for a dissociative disorder.


Your SDQ-20 score was 30-40.  This indicates a high number of somatoform dissociation symptoms and a high likelihood of a somatoform disorder.

We recommend that you also complete the DES Screening Tool if you have not already done so. Combining both tools gives you a more accurate result.



There are limitations of the DES and SDQ-20 screening tools because they are self-report tools. There can be false positives: someone who overestimates their symptoms. There can also be false negatives: someone who underestimates or denies their symptoms. This is particularly true when people have ‘amnesia for amnesia’.

Screening tools do not provide a diagnosis. They just indicate whether further investigation is warranted. For example, a full diagnosis can be obtained via the SCID-D (Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Dissociative Disorders) clinical assessment tool, delivered face-to-face by a qualified clinician, or the DDIS (Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule).

You can find out more about these screening tools and how they are scored here. If you want to explore your options for having a full assessment, please get in touch with us.



For other information about what to do now, including helpful articles, useful resources, details of support groups and information on getting a diagnosis, please go to