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Ross Cheit's Recovered Memory ProjectLink
Kathy Broady's blogLink
The Dissociative InitiativeLink
Jennifer FreydLink
Extreme Abuse Survey's blogLink
Ellen LacterLink
Faith Allen blogLink
Ritual abuse, ritual crime and healingLink
Neil Brick's SMART ritual abuse websiteLink
Jeannie Riseman's ritual abuse blogLink
Sarah K Reece blogLink
Marlene Steinberg, 'The Stranger in the Mirror'Link
Sarah Olsen's Third of a Lifetime blogLink
Rachel WaddinghamLink
Trauma and dissociation disorders explainedLink
Trauma and dissociation wikiLink
Trauma and dissociation Facebook pageLink
Hearing Voices NetworkLink
Ivory Garden online forumLink
Jacqui DillonLink
Jim HopperLink
Many Voices PressLink
Mosaic MindsLink
Living successfully with DID blogLink
Jules' blog on 'Time to Change' websiteLink
David Baldwin's trauma information pagesLink