Thanks for completing the scoring tools offered by PODS. You might be thinking what next? What do I do now? Here is a starting point for your enquiries.


Want more information about dissociation and dissociative disorders?

We have produced a leaflet called ‘Information for Professionals: Dissociative Identity Disorder’ which is also relevant to survivors. You can view and download a free PDF here.

There are also a number of articles on the PODS website which provide information that might be helpful:

Seeking a diagnosis?

The questionnaires you completed was screening tools – indicating a likelihood of a dissociative disorder rather than providing a diagnosis. An ‘official’ diagnosis is usually given using the SCID-D clinical assessment tool, delivered face-to-face by a qualified clinician. We are currently only aware of 2 UK centres where this is offered – The Pottergate Centre in Norwich which only offers private assessments and The Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London which only offers NHS referrals. However certain professionals in a NHS mental health team or individual private therapists may be qualified to conduct the SCID-D.


Other articles

Some other articles you might find helpful:


Is recovery possible?

At PODS we believe firmly the answer is YES! Though it can be a hard and long journey. Some articles which might be of encouragement are:


Looking for a therapist?

Our biggest recommendation is good one-one therapy. We no longer hold a register of therapists and counsellors. Please click here for more details.


What therapy is about

Some articles you also might find helpful to read:


Want to talk to someone on the phone?

PODS no longer runs a helpline service. For details of helplines run by other organisations please click here


Looking for support groups?

We currently aren’t in a position to run any face-to-face support groups but we are aware of other organisations who do offer such services. There are also organisations who offer group therapy/counselling sessions. These groups tend to be facilitated by a trained counsellor/psychotherapist and follow more of a structure than support groups. You can find out about these groups here.


Information for professionals

Our leaflet ‘Information for Professionals: Dissociative Identity Disorder’ can be viewed and downloaded as a free PDF here.

These articles might be helpful to pass on to your therapist (if you already have one) or to other professionals:


Don’t live in the UK?

The Client Support Service is no longer open. The ISSTD treatment guidelines do apply internationally. You might also find the following websites helpful: