Thanks for completing the scoring tools offered by PODS. You might be thinking what next? What do I do now? Here is a starting point for your enquiries.


Want more information about dissociation and dissociative disorders?

We have produced a leaflet called ‘Information for Professionals: Dissociative Identity Disorder’ which is also relevant to survivors. You can view and download a free PDF here.

There are also a number of articles on the PODS website which provide information that might be helpful:

Seeking a diagnosis?

The questionnaires you completed was screening tools – indicating a likelihood of a dissociative disorder rather than providing a diagnosis. An ‘official’ diagnosis is usually given using the SCID-D clinical assessment tool, delivered face-to-face by a qualified clinician. We are currently only aware of 2 UK centres where this is offered – The Pottergate Centre in Norwich which only offers private assessments and The Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London which only offers NHS referrals. However certain professionals in a NHS mental health team or individual private therapists may be qualified to conduct the SCID-D.


Other articles

Some other articles you might find helpful:


Is recovery possible?

At PODS we believe firmly the answer is YES! Though it can be a hard and long journey. Some articles which might be of encouragement are:


Looking for a therapist?

Our biggest recommendation is good one-one therapy. We hold a register of therapists and counsellors who have experience or are willing to work with people with trauma and dissociation. These therapists are NOT accredited or endorsed by us – though most will have been on a PODS training day. We are simply acting as a bridge to provide details of therapists in your area. Please note our list only covers the UK. Please click here for more details.


What therapy is about

Some articles you also might find helpful to read:


Want to talk to someone on the phone?

PODS offers a support service run by Elisabeth Allan, who also manages our counselling service:

  • The helpline is open on a Tuesday between 11.00am and 5.00pm (0800 1814420)
  • Outside of these times you can call 01480 413582 and leave a message and Elisabeth will get back to you
  • You can email elisabeth@pods-online.org.uk
  • For details of helplines run by other organisations please click here


Looking for support groups?

We currently aren’t in a position to run any face-to-face support groups but we are aware of other organisations who do offer such services. There are also organisations who offer group therapy/counselling sessions. These groups tend to be facilitated by a trained counsellor/psychotherapist and follow more of a structure than support groups. You can find out about these groups here.


Information for professionals

The support service is also open to professionals and supporters who are welcome to email or call Elisabeth. She also offers supervision.

Our leaflet ‘Information for Professionals: Dissociative Identity Disorder’ can be viewed and downloaded as a free PDF here.

These articles might be helpful to pass on to your therapist (if you already have one) or to other professionals:


Don’t live in the UK?

The Client Support Service is open to those outside of the UK. Elisabeth does email and speak on the phone with people from Australia, the USA and other areas. The ISSTD treatment guidelines do apply internationally. You might also find the following websites helpful: